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Staging Your Home is all About Perception

As a seasoned stager, I have seen it all. From the bad carpet and tile to the very personalized kitchen selections, what I know is that every home benefits from staging. Remember, it is all about perception and creating a memorable emotional and mental impression when the buyers first see their future home. So, why not increase your opportunities for a “Wow!” rather than a “Blah!” encounter.  Even better, following these four steps for positive perceptions can up the value of your home: 

➤ Increase Perceived Size

Help sellers understand that when areas are filled, they are losing square footage in perceived space. For example, if a large armoire takes up 15 square feet of space, and you are selling the house at $200 per square foot, which is losing $3,000 square feet. 

➤ Reduce Perceived Negatives

Oftentimes, the home might have an awkward space, something which doesn’t fit into the “norm” of the house’s flow.  The confused buyer wonders what to do with the space and might walk away. Staging can eliminate that confusion by giving the space a sense of place.

➤ Enhance Perceived Condition

Dirty air vents, broken switch plates, dirty windows, rusty faucets—all these make the buyers wonder, “What else is wrong?” Mombo Interiors will make sure every aspect is spruced up for maximum perception that the home is in top working order.

➤ Promote Perceived Lifestyle

The buyers are ready to picture themselves in their future homes.  A gourmet kitchen or media room gives a powerful vision to the space, inspiring them to think, “My life will be better here!” A lush master bedroom evokes, “This is a luxurious space like a hotel.”

Lynne Rhea of MomBo Interiors is the premiere home staging and design firm in greater Austin. From vacant to occupied homes, as well as interior design resources, Lynne, a CE-certified TREC instructor, creates designs to dwell and stages to sell. Contact Lynne at 512.731.5325 or email to schedule a consultation. Visit



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